Is the encrypt using PublicKey always using symmetric method?

Oct 2, 2014 at 6:59 AM
I have setting the KeyId via below sample code...
            // If you want to encrypt using asymetric key, this is the list
            // of the public keys of the persons you want to encrypt to.
            List<GpgApi.KeyId> recipients = new List<KeyId>() { };

            foreach (Key key in publicKeys.Keys)
                if (key.UserInfos[0].Name == Key_UserID)
..... then Execute it.
By the way ,is there a way to avoid to enter password?

There are the PGP package info....

:pubkey enc packet: version 3, algo 1, keyid 0000000000000000
data: [2046 bits]
:symkey enc packet: version 4, cipher 3, s2k 3, hash 2, seskey 192 bits
salt 9e52f6eb375dc2fc, count 65536 (96)
:encrypted data packet:
length: 438956
mdc_method: 2
Oct 2, 2014 at 8:13 AM
The problem was solved...
If you want to using asymetric encryption by public key , don't assign the GpgApi.CipherAlgorithm. It should be setting in None.
            // The algorithm you want to use.
            GpgApi.CipherAlgorithm algorithm = GpgApi.CipherAlgorithm.None;
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